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74%Calcium Chloride

Weifang Yuze Chemical Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 19, 2017

74%Calcium Chloride Product Detail

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74%Calcium Chloride Product Description

1) To eliminate the snow and ice on the road, high way, parking lot, airport, port; 

2)To oilwell drilling workover fluid, dehydrate agent in petrochemical; 

3)To remove the dust in the air, in the coal mine or other place. 

4)Calcium chloride solution can be used as flocculating agent in alga industry, carrier in refrigeration industry, waste water treatment. 

5)Antifreeze to make concrete, to speed cement hard. 

6)To make calcium during electroanalysis, To be raw material for other expensive metals making.

Technical Index

ItemsCalcium Chloride AnhydrousCalcium Chloride DihydrateTesting MethodAppearanceWhite Powder/ Granules/Pellets/PearlsWhite Flakes/Pellets/Pearls Assay%≥94.074.0-77.0HG/T2327-2004Insolubles %≤0.050.05HG/T2327-2004Ca(OH 2 )%≤0.20.2HG/T2327-2004Sulphates %≤0.10.1HG/T2327-2004Magnesium and alkali metals chloride  as NaCl % ≤5.55.0HG/T2327-2004PH8-108-10HG/T2327-2004


25kg 50kg 500kg 1000kgbags.

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